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Quality + Value

As shipping, labour, and raw material costs increase, recycled paint is an almost unbelievable value. Whether you have been purchasing recycled paint for years or you want to start building a market, recycled paint equals good value. You simply cannot manufacture new paint for the same price that we can sell you recycled paint.

The magic of our value lies in how we create Loop Premium Recycled Paint. We combine several different paint brands and glosses in our recycling process, resulting in a quality, mid-grade recycled paint. In simple terms, we combine low-end $15/gallon paints with high-end $80+ /gallon paints (e.g., Benjamin Moore and Behr) resulting in a recycled paint in the $30/gallon quality range. You’re truly getting more than what you’re paying for!
Loop Premium Recycled Paint is inexpensive, but it is not cheap. Loop performs like much more expensive paints. Expensive paints cover well because they contain costly components like Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Cheap paint formulations substitute much cheaper extenders, clay, and thickeners for TiO2. Cheap paint does not “cover” well, which means users have to apply multiple coats—and that quickly makes it expensive and frustrating.

We produce quality products that are backed by our own and third-party lab tests. Some of our certifications and laboratory testing include:

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