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What is recycled paint? Is it any good?

Recycled paint is a great way of diverting unused paint from landfills and incineration. We collect unused paint and then sort it by type, colour, and quality. From there we create consistent colours and test the paint for quality using industry standards such as sag, opacity, coverage, and durability.


We separate out lower-grade and inferior paints at the start of the process, so that only paint from quality brands goes into Loop Premium Recycled Paint. Because Loop is made from better-grade paints, you get the quality and features of a mid-range paint. Every batch includes a small amount of new material such as colour pigment to ensure quality and consistency.

Loop Premium Recycled Paint undergoes stringent in-house and third-party quality controls before it gets packaged for sale. You can count on our paint to deliver incredible results every time—or we’ll gladly refund the cost of your purchase!

You can learn more about paint recycling in Canada on the ProductCare website. 

​Do you have to stir or shake Loop Premium Recycled Paint?

Yes! Because Loop is not shaken in the store, it needs to be stirred vigorously before use. We recommend using a drill with a mixing attachment, but you can also stir it quickly by hand. It usually needs to be stirred for 1 to 3 minutes, but our can in the video below took less than a minute:

Why does the paint smell?

Our paint is recycled from only compliant, top-tier paints made by reputable manufacturers. If their paints had a smell then ours could, as well. We also add a vanilla derivative; some customers say our paint smells like cookies while others say it smells like...paint. There is nothing inherently dangerous about any paint smell, but like all our cans say: always apply it in a well-ventilated room

If you want to dissipate the smell after applying paint, open all the windows and doors, and try to keep the room warm. You can also spritz Febreeze or lay out shallow dishes of natural products that you find appealing, like lemon water, vinegar, or coffee grounds. Some reviews have also suggested that shallow dishes of baking soda and water can help.

How well does Loop Premium Recycled Paint cover?

Loop is an all-in-one primer and paint, so it has great coverage. You can see for yourself in this customer's review.

What about VOCs?

From a VOC perspective, recycled paint is actually less harmful than new paint. Like with new carpeting or wood floor refinishing, the harmful gasses emitted from paint decreases over time. The paint that goes into Loop has already had a chance to off-gas its VOCs long before we recycle it.

How can I be sure the colour is right for me?

We’re passionate about choosing paint colours, and we know how tricky it can be! When it comes to choosing a colour you’ll love, remember that paint will always look different on your wall than it does in the can. It will even look different in different rooms. That’s because different kinds of light – daylight, artificial light, even candlelight – can dramatically change the way a certain colour appears. A wall colour changes throughout the day and throughout the seasons as the sun shifts. Grays, taupes, lavenders, and mauves are particularly affected by lighting conditions. Sheen levels, shadows, other wall colours in the same room, and even furniture can also change how our eye perceives the colour.


We recommend choosing a paint colour once you have seen it under natural daylight. Try painting a square and watch how it changes throughout the day, or paint a stir stick that you can move to different walls and even different rooms. That way you can see how the paint dries and how it will look in different lighting conditions.

Is the colour the same in the can as it is on the label?

When our labels arrive at our warehouse, we use our photo-spectrometer to check for colour match, but it's not always a perfect gauge because of light sources, limitations of printing, and being on a different substrate (paper). The truest way to test the colour in the can to the label is to dab a little bit on the label and let it dry. We think you’ll find that it's a close match.


What if I need to do touch-ups?

Because Loop is pre-tinted, we recommend using paint from the same batch number on the same wall. You'll find the batch number on the label. If the paint is not from the same batch number, test a small amount in an inconspicuous spot.   

Where can I buy Loop Premium Recycled Paint?

Loop is exclusively available at all Giant Tiger stores.

Is Loop Premium Recycled Paint vegan?

Although we don't add any animal-based materials to Loop, we cannot guarantee that it is vegan because of the nature of recycled paint. We combine several different brands of paint (e.g., Behr, Benjamin Moore, etc.) to create our final recycled product, and we cannot be 100% certain that these brands do not incorporate animal-based materials such as binders.


Have another question? Please feel free to email us: or call us 24 hours at 1-877-593-2600.

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